Extra ! Extra ! Read all about it !

To maille frènche frèndzes, excepssionnali zis post iz ine èngliche for a specal frènde of maïne, SB69.

Dear SB69, you’re gonna be a bit disappointed : those « news » are real « icy » facts.


A cousin of mine, a grunt in the canadian army, made a  6-month stunt near the arctic pole. He was based at Alert , on the northern end of Ellesmere Island.


As for peeing in the snow, he said that, in fact, the pee did froze hitting the « ground », and that it must be done under 90 seconds flat if you have the tiniest wish to be a father in a « predictable » future… Probable future !


A girlfriend went teaching at  Puvirnituq  in Nunavik. She was granted a small house, and was quite fascinated by her new job and environment.

One day, she heard frantic rattles on her door and panicked shouts. A bit frightened, she got a knife, unbolted the door which went flying open as fast as she went on her butt, looking with horror as a flurry of fur slammed back the door shot.

Panting, an Inuk was kind of yelling at her, in inuktitut, of which she had a very « basic » understanding : zilch.

After a while, the Inuk looked through a small window and relaxed a bit.

Annette, still dumbfounded, was quite scared ‘cause she’d heard stories about drunk Inuit being violent.

The Inuk finally explained (in approximate french/english) that nobody locks its door because if a polar bear ventures in the « village », the best course of action for anybody who has the misfortune of being on the « street » is to run inside the nearest house, to safety.

Crestfallen, Annette promised to keep her door « open ». She never got at ease with the idea but went with it.

She didn’t sign for a second year contract ! 😉

To the effect that our « urban habits » can be quite deadly ! LOL

As you see, nothing juicy. Drats ! 😛

I’ll work on something more « juicy »… one day… Don’t hold your breath ! 😉

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6 commentaires pour Extra ! Extra ! Read all about it !

  1. HAHA….OMG, See Coco…I think I am doing pretty damn good writing my story for Alaska, even peeing in the snow! HAHA I heard some tribes have banded alcohol…so perhaps Celeste needs to bring out her flask! SWEEEET…..

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