Not so lucky Dawn

Following Celeste’s adventure brings a balm to my soul. Positive spirit, fortitude and grace.

She brings back those otherwise laughed about true roots we – many of us anyway, being from « mixed ancestry » – shamelessly (cowardly) toss away : harmony with nature and respect for all things living.

So, for her standing beliefs and so « american » testimony, I bestow upon her the infamous

Medal of the Order of the Zany Cobblestone from the Other Side of the Pond.

… In fact, we’re from the same side of the pond, but don’t fret about it. 🙄

So this makes you a lady in my heart, my friend ! 😛

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7 commentaires pour Not so lucky Dawn

  1. I SO want to eat you up COCO….I LOVE YA my darlin’! Kiss Kiss and I am glowing with your praise!~ SSwwwweeeet…… 🙂

  2. A reblogué ceci sur Slingshot…Fiction, Adult, Romance, Fantasy Storieset a ajouté:
    How can I not LOVE THIS MAN!!!! Thank you my darlin’ Kiss Kiss

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